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21 September 2008

ORA-08103 revisisted

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In an earlier post I had already written about sessions receiving an ORA-08103 error after selecting from a table that had been truncated. At that time, I wrote the following conclusion:

“At this point I have no real explanation as for why the error occurs at this number of records fetched.
I suspect oracle of storing the locations of the blocks it has to scan during a full table in a kind of array with a limited length. After this array has been processed, Oracle would use the dataobj# value (and other keys) to get the next batch of block locations. At that moment the “object no longer exists” error would be thrown as the referenced dataobj# value no longer exists (it has been increased by 1).
But at this moment this is just pure speculation.”

Some weeks ago, I read an answer on the Oracle-L list from Tanel Poder to an ORA-08103 question, in which he stated that oracle would read 10 pointers to extents from the segment header at a time.

A quick test does seem to confirm this:

The TEST tablespace is a LMT with an uniform extent size of 16K

drop table test;

Table dropped.

fdh@GUNNAR> create table test (veld1 char(2000)) tablespace test pctfree 0;

Table created.

fdh@GUNNAR> insert into test select 'x' from all_objects where rownum <= 200;

200 rows created.

fdh@GUNNAR> commit;

Commit complete.

fdh@GUNNAR> select bytes, blocks, extents from user_segments where segment_name = 'TEST';

---------- ---------- ----------
425984         52         26

fdh@GUNNAR> set serveroutput on
fdh@GUNNAR> -- set the arraysize to 1 to prevent oracle from "prefetching" records
fdh@GUNNAR> set arraysize 1
fdh@GUNNAR> var x refcursor
3      open :x for select veld1 from test;
5  END;
6  /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

3      l_veld1   char(2000);
7      fetch :x into l_veld1;
8      dbms_output.put_line('veld1: ' || trim(l_veld1));
10  END;
11  /
veld1: x

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


3      l_veld1   char(2000);
4      l_cnt     number(3,0)   := 0;
8      BEGIN
10          loop
12              fetch :x into l_veld1;
13              exit when :x%NOTFOUND;
14              l_cnt := l_cnt + 1;
16          end loop;
19          when others then
20              dbms_output.put_line(SQLERRM);
22      END;
24      dbms_output.put_line('fetched rows: ' || l_cnt);
26  END;
27  /
ORA-08103: object no longer exists
fetched rows: 75

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


My block size is 8K, so I could store 4 records per db block. Before the truncate I read 1 record and after the truncate I could read 75 records before getting the error. 76 records / 4 records per block / 2 blocks per extent = 9.5 extents. Remember that the first block is used for the segment header, so pointer 1 would only point to an extent with 1 data block ( meaning that my 10 pointers point in total to 19 blocks * 4 = 76 records).

This answers the question on when you would receive the ORA-08103 error after a truncate, but also means that your dbfmrc is limited by your extent size.
In my example the 10 pointers would reference 20 blocks (not taking in account the segment header), so a dbfmrc of more then 20 would not be possible for this table.

New question: Why is a multiblock read not crossing extent bounderies?


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