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AnalyzeThis is a pl/sql application that helps you in managing the cbo statistics for your database.
It does this by allowing you to store the dbms_stats parameters into a table, enabling the use of default settings on different levels. You can, for instance, spefify a set of parameters to be used for all partitions of a table and then make an exception for one speficif partition.

AnalyzeThis keeps also track of the old cbo statistics in a history table (together with which parameters where being used to gather these statistics) and keep track of the time it took to analyze an object.

More information can be found in the FAQ here

Version DB Version Date Zip
1.0 10gR2 18/07/2008 .zip
9iR2 18/07/2008 .zip

Many thanks to Geert De Paep for willing to host the files at his site, as WordPress does not seem to allow to upload zip files.
If you haven’t had a look at his community site, then do so. It is worth the effort.

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