Irrelevant thoughts of an oracle DBA

31 July 2008


Filed under: personal — Freek D'Hooge @ 0:39

Karen Morton has written a post about a site which takes for example an rss feed and turns it into a word-cloud.
I just had to try it out, so here is the word cloud generated from the rss feed from my blog:

I like the fact that “backup” has such a prominent place…



  1. “Backup” makes sense, but “water”?

    Most important tasks for DBA:
    1) Backup
    2) Test Backups
    3) Drink lots of water

    Comment by Chen Shapira — 31 July 2008 @ 1:48 | Reply

  2. There was a post in June about the nonsense of bottled water in the developed world.
    Interesting “Oracle” doesn’t actually stand out (it is between backup and package). So the underlying theme of the blog isn’t highlighted as the author and reader will assume it as the default case.
    Would it be better if Oracle was more prominent ?
    If someone comes across the blog, and uses Wordle as a ‘quick glance’ to see if it is something they may be interested in subscribing too, then I guess it sort of works but only in the context that they see the blog title too.
    But to the blog author, the Wordle picture may suggest that by not explicitly using ‘Oracle’ in the posts, automated mechanisms (search engines, stumble upon etc) may be not be connecting the dots and the blog posts may not be getting the prominence they deserve. Or worse, it may get bundled with SQL Server blogs :)

    Comment by Gary — 31 July 2008 @ 3:23 | Reply

  3. Chen,

    I would replace the third point by just “Drink” ;)


    I was a little bit supprised that “water” got such a prominent place and that “oracle” is hardly vissible.
    I did a test with setting the number of posts in the syndication feed to a higher number and “oracle” is still not prominent (but “backup” is still there and “water” is gone). So it probably indeed means that I don’t use the word “oracle” so much in my posts.
    It is an interesting idea to use a wordle to check if a search engine would connect the dots. I just the a test myself by entering the most common search term used to find my blog (db_cache_size) to check on which page google would list me and I gave up after page 10. But when I searched for db_cache_size and oracle, I found my blog at page 3. So somehow google does a decent job.

    Comment by dhoogfr — 31 July 2008 @ 9:46 | Reply

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