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21 July 2008


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A while ago I had written a post with the question if I would release a package as open source or just provide a wrapped form of it. Since then, it became clear to me that I simply don’t have the time to provide proper support for the package.
Meaning I have two choises, either I never release the package to the public and only use it for my own purposes, or I publish the unwrapped code.

For me, option 1 is not realy an option, so I’m proud to present to you: AnalyzeThis !

uhm, ok, fantastic, euhm… so what does it do?

Well, I have created a page with a little faq (which will have to act as documentation), but in a nuttshell: It helps you to gather and manage the cbo statistics for your database by making it possible to store the dbms_stats option values you want to use into a table and to specify default options on several levels. I also automates the backup of statistics before overwriting them and logs information about the generation of new statistics (including timing information).

Currently you have two options with dbms_stats: either you let oracle determine which stats options to use for which object or you specify seperate options for each object yourself. There is nothing in between.
With AnalyzeThis you now have a third option: specify the objects (for which you can also use wildcards) for which you want to use a certain parameter set and let the other objects use the default parameters.

I don’t know if other people think there is a need for such a package, but I did. So here it is.
Don’t expect to much support for it though. Remember the main reason why I’m publising the code is because I don’t have the time to provide proper supprt.
I will still continue to further development this package, so irregular updates and bugfixes will be made available for download in the future.



  1. I tried to view the ZIP files (ie both the 10g and 9i versions) but was unable to open the files using WinZip. The downloaded files do seem to be 52K and contain binary chracters but seem to be corrupted or in format other than ZIP.

    Comment by Hemant K Chitale — 23 July 2008 @ 16:58 | Reply

  2. Hemant,

    I just tried to download the files myself and they seemed to be ok. They size is indeed arround 52 KB.
    The zip files are created using winzip, but the files themself are using unix end of lines.

    If you send me an email on the email adres listed in the about page, I will send the zipfiles directly to you.


    Comment by dhoogfr — 23 July 2008 @ 17:06 | Reply

  3. […] the cbo statistics for your database. He has decided to release it out into the world. Take a look here. An interesting Oracle optimizer puzzle is posed by Karen Morton on her post Optimizer won’t […]

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