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10 June 2008

bottle water

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This weekend I saw a documentary on television about the sense or nonsense of bottle water.
In this documentary is was pointed out that in mosts part of the world, tap water is perfectly save to drink (in Belgium it is actually more strictlty regulated then bottle water), that tap water is cheaper and that bottle water has a high impact on the environment (mainly because of transportation and the plastic bottles, even when they are recycled).

They also zoomed in to some of the more extreme forms of bottle water: Appereantly there exists something that is called “cloud juice” which can be ordered in the more fancier restaurants and is nothing more then rain water from King Island, Australia. Another example was water from Fiji, an area where lots of people don’t have access to clean water!

I must admit that I had not given it much thought until today, and in spite of the fact that I always have drunk tap water at my parents, I’m drinking bottled water today.
But after having seen this documentary my wife and I decided to switch to tap water. No more heavy lifting of bottles of water (except for little Gunnar who still requires water with a low level of minerals).

Ok, to be honest I’m drinking bottle water as I’m writing this. A special kind even: fire water aka a 14 year old anConoc single malt :)


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