Irrelevant thoughts of an oracle DBA

17 February 2008


Filed under: personal — Freek D'Hooge @ 13:52

Hello World,

My name is Gunnar D’Hooge, and I’m Freek and Edda’s son.
I just dropped by to inform you all of my birth on 14, Februari.
Yes, I’m feeling well, thank you.

I’m looking forward to start working with Oracle, but my dad told me I will still have to wait a couple of years before I can start working on a pc.
I was really sad when I heard this, so dad bought me a special lamp. It has the shape of a penguin. Not sure what this means, but I’m sure it is important.

Anyway, here you have a picture of me. Ain’t I cute?




  1. Congratulations.

    Comment by Niall Litchfield — 17 February 2008 @ 16:21 | Reply

  2. Welcome to the Oracle community, Gunnar :-)

    Comment by prodlife — 17 February 2008 @ 16:58 | Reply

  3. Congratulations! Can you install Oracle yet? Even though your manual coordination is probably still quite poor, perhaps you can do it with your nose?

    Comment by Nigel Thomas — 17 February 2008 @ 19:51 | Reply

  4. Een dikke proficiat en eens een “vruchtbare” oplossing voor het tekort aan Oracle DBA’s!

    Comment by Kathleen Stoffelen — 18 February 2008 @ 12:00 | Reply

  5. Congratulations! Have fun with the newborn, these are THE great moments!

    Comment by Arul Ramachandran — 22 February 2008 @ 18:25 | Reply

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