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14 January 2008

8 trivial things about me

Filed under: personal — Freek D'Hooge @ 1:13

Looks like, thanks to Chen Shapira, the tagging storm has hit me as well:

  1. I was born on December 27, 1978 in Lokeren, Belgium and have 1 younger brother. He has also studied computer science and is currenlty working as a sysadmin.
    As you can imagine we had some animated discussions at the dinner table that where hard to follow by our parents.
  1. My father is a lifeguard in a swimming pool ( I could swim before I could walk ) and my mother is a laboratory technician (yes, we had petri dishes stored in our fridge).
  1. I got maried in 2003, and we are expecting our first child in about 6 weeks.
  1. Every August I spend 10 days working as a barkeeper at a music festival ( lokerse feesten ).
  1. I have the bad habbit of always arriving late. So if the baby looks like me, he/she will be born in about 8 weeks :)
  1. I drive a Toyota Prius, but I would really need to use my bike more often.
  1. My favorit beer is Hoegaarden (an unfiltered white beer) and I also like to drink whisky (single malt, that is).
  1. I like reading, mostly fiction (sci-fi, thrillers, detectives, that kind of stuff). When I’m reading I tend to forget about time and other duties and keep on reading until late at night, which explains a bit the late arrivings.

My time to tag.
Hmm, I tag Geert De Paep, Arul Ramachandran and Howard Rogers (call it a flaw in my character)



  1. Thanks for playing :-)

    The last item is very familiar. I’ve never been able to organize my library because after about 10 minutes of organizing I run into a book I really want to read and all productive activity halts.

    I’m looking forward to seeing baby pictures in your blog in about 6 weeks. I wish you and your wife best of luck.

    Comment by prodlife — 14 January 2008 @ 2:48 | Reply

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