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4 December 2007

Oracle VM part 2

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Recently I wrote about installing Oracle VM.
At that moment I just had managed to import the iso images so I could use them to setup a guest system.
Unfortuanatly I uploaded the oracle enterprise linux 4.0, which is not a supported paravirtualized guest system (and imposible to install as we soon discovered) and we did not have the newer versions available. Since our company internet connection is not very fast, it was impossible to download EL 4.5 or EL 5.0, and ended that days installation attempt.

After downloading EL 4.5 that evening at home (broadband connection :) ), I could start the installation again the next day. And this time I could actually start the guest system and start with the os installation. However that was about as far as I got, as early in the guest setup I ran against the following error:


When I clicked OK, a nfs setup screen was given, in which the nfs server and directory path given during the guest definition phase where already filled in.
I tried several things to get it working, but all without success. At that point in time I was rather fed up with oracle vm, and it looked like I was not the only one to struggle.

Today, after letting it rest for some days, I had some spare time and started to test the installation again.
At a certain moment I tried to mount the installation directory (which was located on the vm server) from the vm management server and I received a “No route to host” error. Until that time I only mounted the directory from the vm server itself, thinking it would be the vm server that would do the mounting (as the, to be installed, guest is running on that server).
After some searching I found that the vm server had the iptables service running, which was blocking the nfs mount requests. And indeed, after stopping the iptables service the installation was able to mount the directory and continue with the installation.

What does this learn us:

  • Oracle is mounting the installation directory from the managment server, not from the vm server and then “streams” it to the vm server running the guest system.
  • During the setup of the vm server, oracle is disabling nfs access to it
  • There is still some serious work to do on the documentation

Before I came to the solution of disabling the iptables service, I had already tested it to create a single directory containing the contents of the 4 installation cd’s (with a modified .discinfo file). It was this directory that I used for the installation after solving the iptables problem. It could be that this is also a necessity, but I have not tried an installation by just mounting the first of the iso images, so I am not sure.

At last I can start installing some guest systems and test the working of oracle vm.


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